Metalwork Painting

Metalwork Painting



We paint all types of gates for any type of premises, from residential homes to office blocks and premises and everywhere in between. We provide this service for all different types of metal gates of different shapes and sizes. We go through preparation stage by cleaning the metal surface of old rust and dirt that would interfere with the painting process. Once complete with the preparation we proceed by adding a primer coat to the gate to cover all rust spots and increase durability to outdoor weather. This will also increase the painting process in terms of time. Once the primer is complete then we proceed with painting the gate to your specifications and choice of colour.



We provide our metal work painting services to any types of metal railing, indoors and outdoors, regardless of where it is positioned. We proceed with the preparation process of cleaning the railing before starting with proper maintenance. This will prevent any dust or dirt from interfering with the actual procedure of applying the primer which will guarantee protection from additional rust and will cover current rust spots that are viewed on the railing itself. Once the primer is dried then we proceed with painting the railing with the choices and specifications that you have chosen to create the effect that you desire.


All Metal Painting

We are not limited to maintaining and painting only metal gates and railings but we also offer the service of painting other kinds of metallic objects as well, such as fencing, burglar bars, indoor gate frames and many other useful metal-made objects that would be need to be refurbished. Our turnaround time on each painting job is rapid for your convenience and we will be able to provide additional information based on what you would specify to be repainted or refurbished from our experienced metal fabricators whom have had many years of experience on the job and is qualified to give you sound advice.