Woodwork Maintenance

Woodwork Maintenance

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Varnishing and Painting

We offer protection and improvement of your wooden furniture (such as cabinets, tables, chairs and other wooden furniture) as well as wooden doors and windows by means of varnishing and painting them to increase their lifespan and their strength. We use a specific kind of varnish would benefit the wood for the furniture that would feed it and maintain its durability for years to come.  We also paint wooden furniture as well as doors and windows to a colour of your choice to update its appearance as well as its longevity. We follow a process of smoothing the wooden surface so that the varnish or paint would be applied properly and then applying it to the wood accordingly.


Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are also another part of the home or office that we offer the service to maintain for any type of building, from single storey to double storey homes and business buildings. We follow a similar process as to what we would do for wooden furniture, however this being outdoors, we also take extra safety measures and take a more thorough approach when it comes to sanding down and smoothing the wooden surface in order for the varnish or paint to stick well against the surface. We use a special kind of outdoor varnish in order for the wood to be properly reliable and maintained, the same goes for the paint that we use.

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Garage Doors

The maintenance of garage doors is also something that we offer as a service to the public. We go through the process of getting rid of all uneven surfaces of the door by means of sanding it and smoothing it down and cleaning it from dust and other forms of dirt and grime. Once the surface has been cleaned and smoothed down we will proceed with maintenance by means of varnishing the door to protect it from the outdoor elements and strengthening it to increase its usage life. At request we also offer to repaint your garage door to keep it updated and looking as good as when it was purchased.


Exterior and Interior Doors

We take extra care when refurbishing and maintaining the inside and outside of your doors. We offer this for any type of wooden door. We do this by means of cleaning both sides with a special cleaning agent and making sure that the whole door has smooth surfaces by means of lightly sanding it down to subtract all uneven pieces of wood which would stand out and have been damaged due to wear and tear. We will also sand down the sides of the door too if your door feels snug against the door frame and is difficult to open due to swelling from wet weather conditions. Once the preparation is complete, we proceed with maintenance by using varnish to feed the wood on the door on both sides to increase its strength and life span.  We also repaint doors on request.


Window Frames

We approach maintaining windows frames the same way that we would maintain doors with extra precautions to prevent damaging the actual glass of the windows. We would sand down all damaged surfaces of the frame and clean it thoroughly of dirt and other particles. Then we proceed with varnishing the wood of the frame to prevent it from swelling due to wet outdoor weather conditions as well as strengthening it to make it last longer. We do this for any size of wooden windows and we also offer to repaint then on request to give it a fresh look overall.